Private Equity

Our group is setting up a Private Equity activity totally dedicated to private and institutional investors through a unique, distinctive multi-boutique model. This original business model enables us to offer a range of innovative services and products that provide added value in the various unlisted segments (small-caps/mid-caps).


  • A rigorous and proven selection process,
  • Total management independence from affiliated teams,
  • Proximity of each of the management teams and their equity interests, 
  • An extensive and flexible offering, from management mandate to specific niche funds.

With the expertise of Euro Private Equity, Natixis Wealth Management Luxembourg offers investors solutions in the creation of operational value in funds dedicated to growing small- and mid-caps, in equity interests that can generate alpha (sector expertise, unique positioning, etc.), through moderate use of leverage effect and by means of different methods:
  • Investment in a specialised fund
  • Co-investment
  • Dedicated mandate